Welcome to the Plotbunny Farm!

It’s like going to the pumpkin patch around Halloween.  Except instead of paying money to buy a vegetable, you’re getting inspiration for free.

(Shut up.  It’s totally comparable.)

For those of you who don’t know what a plotbunny is, it’s… a plot.  Or an idea of a plot.  Something undeveloped where, when treated well, could reproduce into lots and lots of plotbunnies.  Together, these bunnies band to create an army that hauls your novel to completion!

Wow.  That was bad.  Sorry you had to read that.

Anyway, here’s the portion of Novelarnia where I put ideas.  Inspiration Station, so to speak.  Welcome, my friends, to the Plotbunny Farm.

Bunnies For Adoption:  (I’m fluent in Paint. Leave me alone.)

Breed well, little plotbunnies.  Breed well.

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