Review of #PitMatch

So, after participating in #Pit2Pub (see my review on that Twitter event here), I realized there were lots of Twitter events to promote your novel!  So many, in fact, that I had to set automatic tweets just to keep up over the next few months.

Which means I totally forgot #PitMatch was happening until it was almost over.  Oops.

But it’s okay, because my mother invited me last minute to drive all over town with her.  So I had plenty of car time to catch up on the agents’ #MSWL tweets, as well as people’s submissions.  And whew, there were some great ones!



Love it!

Let me summarize.  #PitMatch is an event that pairs an author’s unpublished manuscript with an agent seeking the same thing.  For 3 hours today, literary agents posted their manuscript wish lists (#MSWL), while writers posted their one-sentence summaries.  A third party monitored both feeds, and if a pair of tweets coincided, they were matched!

And boy, Cupid was busy today!  Congratulations to everyone who was matched!

A lot of agents asked for entire manuscripts right off the bat, which is awesome.  This was such a great way to skip the slush pile.

Although, to me (as someone who wasn’t matched… yet), this event was valuable for one reason: the #MSWL feed.  I haven’t seen it explode in this respect since last August!  It’s such an amazing resource for writers working on new projects or people looking for trends in the market.

(Cowboys are coming.  Everyone be ready.)

So whether you participated or not, I highly recommend checking out the aftermath of this event.  This was the last one for a while, I think, but what a cool premise.  If it happens again next year, don’t waste time!  Submit to agents the smart way.


FYI to those who participated!

In the mean time, I’ll be working on my new book.  More on that next week!

(Did you submit to #PitMatch?  What was your experience?  Tell me below!)


4 thoughts on “Review of #PitMatch

      • Jewel says:

        I suppose I should have used cowboy instead of outlaw in my pitch but I thought the latter was more apt (even though he calls himself the former).
        I will have a look through the MSWL to check that out! Thanks so much for your post and best of luck with your book!! 🙂


      • novelarnia says:

        You should definitely consider changing it for the next query! Give the agents what they want. 😛 Best of luck getting published!!! ❤


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