Here is my succinct response:



And now, for my to-do list:

  1. Finish editing my novel.  Just a few chapters left, and the rewrite is complete!
  2. Paint my nails.  Because obviously I can’t show up without painted nails.
  3. Pack.  Which sounds intimidating, but, you know, flight attendant.
  4. Pick a flight.  Because again, flight attendant, so I just hop on whichever one has empty seats.
  5. Assemble the supplies
  6. Edit my synopsis, because I won a query editing contest on Twitter and sent it off to them to read, and WOW, they had no clue what it was about.  Somehow they decided it was New Adult instead of YA, and Fitz is the main character (rather than one of 4), and there has to be romance…?  Also, according to them, it’s a political thriller.  Which is just… no.  Yikes.
  7. Drinks with Beta Krissy.  You know.  For celebration purposes.
  8. Lie awake tonight wondering what I forgot to do. 

It all comes down to this.  Let’s do it.

…. holy crap did I just figure out how to attach a gif to these blogs??

Prepare yourself.  The gifs are coming.

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