Using A Bullet Journal for NaNoWriMo!

IMG_3924Have you heard of a bullet journal? Well, you can click that link if not, but basically, it’s a blank journal that you fill with every avenue of your life. Want some way to track weight loss? Make a page for it. Need a physical weekly planner? Cut out a cardstock template and trace your month! Gratitude tracker, to-read lists, or a birthday calendar? It’s got you covered. 😉

Bullet journals are amazing for keeping an orderly life, but they’re also incredibly cathartic to create. It’s like adult coloring books, except you feel WAY more accomplished when you’re done, because you designed it and then get to use it however you please!

Last year, I had one journal I used for everything, including NaNoWriMo. Here are some pictures of a few of the pages I created.
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Amazing Prosthetic Videos

I can’t believe I haven’t done a blog post about prosthetics yet.

Prosthetics were never really on my mind until two years ago. I work as a flight attendant, and as such, I meet lots of amazing people with lots of unique disabilities. (I use that word very loosely, since as you’ll see below, they’re perfectly able, and some literally outperform those of us with fully organic bodies!)

One girl made a difference for me, though. She was maybe 11 years old, and had a prosthetic leg. And although she preboarded, she definitely didn’t need my help getting situated on the airplane. She sat in the front row with her mom, and she was the happiest, most enthusiastic kid I’ve ever met. Though the details of our conversation have faded, my feeling of sheer awe remains vivid.
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How to Write Faster Without Sacrificing Quality

Apparently I’m a fast writer.

giphy (22)

Here we go…

But seriously! I average about 2 books / year, which isn’t particularly speedy for professionals (especially budding ones like me). But it’s my actual writing time that seems to floor people. On HARBINGER, I wrote the first draft in about 8 weeks. The book before HARBINGER was done in 6 weeks. And my current WIP, a sci-fi called EYE OF THE STORM, hit 43k words in 13 days.

Keep in mind: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with writing slowly. Everyone’s process is different, and that’s awesome! You do you, guys. ❤

But if you’re interested in how I do it, well, you’re in the right place! Here are some tips for upping your daily word count and staying focused!
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You Got an Agent Offer… Now What?

So, my last post was stupidly popular, and I’m… I’m honestly not really sure how I’m going to top it.

But naturally, I’m going to try by writing a super long, very wordy post!! 😀

Who here knows what happens after you sign with a literary agent?

You get The Call. You ask your questions. You graciously thank them for the offer, then request a week or two to think it over. And then you frantically send email after email to any agent already considering your novel (this includes unanswered queries all the way to requested fulls). At the end of your deadline, you weigh the pros and cons of your original agent (and if you’re lucky, a few other agents), and make your decision.

giphy (15)

What an agent SHOULD say during The Call!

But how do you decide if an agent’s right for you?
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If You Think You Might Never Get a Literary Agent… Read this.

So, this week, I signed with an agent!

I knew this would happen. Realistically, I did. My motto is, “You can’t give 110% forever and get nowhere.” So when I decided three years ago to pursue traditional publishing, I knew a literary agent was in my future.

I just expected it to take like, 30 years. Maybe more.

That’s because I never thought I’d be the exception to the rule. You know those “exceptions,” the ones who get 10 agent offers after querying 2 weeks? We all love those stories.

But WOW, do we hate those stories too.
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