You Got an Agent Offer… Now What?

So, my last post was stupidly popular, and I’m… I’m honestly not really sure how I’m going to top it.

But naturally, I’m going to try by writing a super long, very wordy post!! šŸ˜€

Who here knows what happensĀ afterĀ you sign with a literary agent?

You get The Call. You ask your questions. You graciously thank them for the offer, then request a week or two to think it over. And then you frantically send email after email to any agent already considering your novel (this includes unanswered queries all the way to requested fulls). At the end of your deadline, you weigh the pros and cons of your original agent (and if you’re lucky, a few other agents), and make your decision.

giphy (15)

What an agent SHOULD say during The Call!

But how do you decide if an agent’s right for you?
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If You Think You Might Never Get a Literary Agent… Read this.

So, this week, I signed with an agent!

I knew this would happen. Realistically, I did. My motto is, “You can’t give 110% forever and get nowhere.” So when I decided three years ago to pursue traditional publishing, I knew a literary agent was in my future.

I just expected it to take like, 30 years. Maybe more.

That’s because I never thought I’d be the exception to the rule. You know those “exceptions,” the ones who get 10 agent offers after querying 2 weeks? We all love those stories.

But WOW, do weĀ hateĀ those stories too.
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The Waiting

Oh my god, the waiting. All you #PitchWars peeps, settle in.

But let’s be real: you already know the type. You’ve written a masterpiece. You’ve picked your favorite agents. You send your queries… and then after such a flurry of activity, there’sĀ nothing left to do.
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Conference Registration 2017

Who’s been to a writers conference this year??

giphy (8)

Me, listening to you talk about your writing conferences.Ā 

(If you raised your hand, just know that I’m remarkably jealous of you and WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE MEEEE??)

Sorry. I’ll compose myself. But seriously, after attending DFWCon in April 2016, I’ve been itching to book another conference. There were a lot of options for me in 2017: the Writers Digest one in NYC, SCBWI in LA, maybe DFWCon again? My mind whirled.

But one stood out to me.
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Should Writers be Paranoid About Theft?

This is a pretty interesting topic, and one I’ve seen arise over and over on Twitter. You can write alone for years, but it’ll be tough to take your work to the next level unless you have CPs (critique partners) or beta readers. But I’ve met a bunch of new writers who are worried that just by having CPs, you’re offering your hard work up for the taking.

How do you keep your stories safe?
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Camp NaNoWriMo Is Coming!

Are you prepared?

Camp NaNo isn’t as intense as National Novel Writing Month, way off in November. During Camp, you can set your own goals–customize everything. So if you want to edit, and keep track in hours, that’s okay! Or if you maybe only want to attempt 25,000 words instead of 50,000, awesome!!

Either way, get writing. Because nothing good will happen if you just sit around waiting for inspiration. It’s time to dig into the trenches, and Camp is the perfect opportunity!
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