On Breaking Up (Critique Groups)


The light of our critique group dimmed like a candle in the–ah, never mind.

Guys, I went through a break-up last week. It was everything you’d expect; messy, dramatic, exhausting, sad.

I mean, this one happened with my writing critique group, but still.

It boiled down to a difference in management style. The original creator of the group preferred a solid structure and order. I like a more free-flowing, “everyone offers opinions” option. Eventually, we were going to fracture. It happened last Thursday, and it was not pretty.
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The Happiness Crusaders


I mean, look at him. How can I be sad when he’s waiting for me? 😀


Ha. Hahaha. I know, I know. Life is hard, the world kind of sucks, and we’re writers. Sooo…. yeah.

I’m very, very fortunate. My life is pretty awesome, aside from putting my dog down last month. (Sorry for the blog post delays, btw. That kind of ruined my motivation to do much of anything. >.> ) But not many people, especially millennials, can say the same. A lot of us are wrestling with depression and anxiety and a plethora of other issues.

This isn’t new, and millennials aren’t the only ones feeling blue. (HA I rhymed. Anyway.) I’ve spent the last few weeks helping several dear friends cope with the issues in their lives, and I realized something.

Most of us are lonely as hell. :/

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When love isn’t enough

Today, we put down our nine-year-old dog.

Yesterday, my sister told me she’s “two words from crying.” She said it with a watery voice, and I had to choose my next words carefully so they weren’t the two she hoped not to hear.

Two words from crying. Not me. I’ve heard two certain words so many times in the last few weeks, they lost meaning. No, “I’m sorry,” didn’t do it for me. For me, it took three words:

“He loved you.”
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Pursuing Your Writing Dreams


Joke’s on them! 😛

When I was seventeen, I declared that I wanted to be a published, professional author. Books in Barnes and Noble, movie deals, country-wide tours. The works. I dreamed of writing all day, every day, of owning a house on some lake with big windows and a comfy fireplace and an expensive laptop.

And then my parents heard about it.

They meant well, don’t get me wrong. They just, you know, didn’t want me to be a starving artist. So they steered me in a different direction, which is how I wound up with a bachelors in criminal justice and a career as a flight attendant.

Having a job is important. But here’s the thing: society dictates that work must take the place of your passions.
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How to Succeed in 2018


My dogs are waiting to see what you’ll accomplish next year. 😀

Heya, folks!

So, way back when Novelarnia was first getting started, I did a post on New Years Resolutions. I mean, it happened four weeks into January, but hey. Who’s counting?

But this year, I’m not divulging my resolutions. This year, I want to talk about yours!

A dear friend told me in the early months of 2017:

“Don’t base your resolutions on the actions of someone else. Pick things YOU can achieve on your own. That way, the only person who decides your success is you.”

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