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STATUS (10/17): on submission

WORD COUNT: 90,000

GENRE: YA Fantasy

At thirteen years old, Kyra Mavros “lost her foot,” which is a polite way of saying that a dragon ripped it off and swallowed it whole. Desperate to regain her mobility, she attempts to join the Huntresses–warriors equipped with solar-powered wings and a taste for dragon blood. But not everyone believes an amputee can fight… to triumph, Kyra must overcome insidious bullies, vengeful dragons, and doubts of her own self-worth.





STATUS (10/17): work in progress (draft #2)

Some treasures should stay hidden.

Images courtesy of: elreviae, Craig Spearing, and Stefan Stankovic

WORD COUNT: Aiming for 65,000


Don’t die. 

Sounds easy, right? But when seventeen-year-old Blake’s body begins shutting down, it’s suddenly not as black and white. If she can’t survive the week, she certainly can’t fulfill her self-proclaimed duty: forcing the Vice President of Redwood’s Armed Forces to pay for the murder of fifty-two innocents… including her parents. 

Her only hope left is the Eye of the Storm, a legendary—and possibly fake—artifact rumored to have healing abilities. Armed with a stolen starship and its irate, equally-stolen crew, Blake embarks on a galaxy-wide treasure hunt. But with the Vice President hot on their trail, she’ll have to use every trick in her arsenal to stay alive. 

So just… don’t die.

No pressure.