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STATUS (10/17): final read before submission

WORD COUNT: 90,000

GENRE: YA Fantasy

At thirteen years old, Kyra Mavros “lost her foot,” which is a polite way of saying that a dragon ripped it off and swallowed it whole. Desperate to regain her mobility, she attempts to join the Huntresses–warriors equipped with solar-powered wings and a taste for dragon blood. But not everyone believes an amputee can fight… to triumph, Kyra must overcome insidious bullies, vengeful dragons, and doubts of her own self-worth.





STATUS (10/17): work in progress (draft #2)

WORD COUNT: Aiming for 80k


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**Not all treasures are meant to be found.**

Seventeen-year-old Blake Bishop never goes down without a fight. So when her bionetic implants begin to tear her body apart, there’s no way she’s going to spend the rest of her short life twiddling her thumbs on Redwood Station Alpha. Instead, she hijacks a ship and embarks on a galaxy-wide treasure hunt for a legendary artifact rumored to have healing capabilities. 

Problem is, the ship’s crew didn’t exactly care to partake in this adventure, and they have no problem letting her know it. If Blake can’t prove she’s worth saving, she may not get the chance to finish her final week.

No pressure.